About Us

For the play in all of us

WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. came to be in Markham, ON in 2010 since two guys (and now three since 2015) wanted to be involved in something we are passionate about. Hello, my name is Nate, and my business partner is Steve (and Jay), and we are WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. We enjoy the social aspect of boardgames; getting together with friends, spending hours chatting away, and the occasional misplay that will be the talk for months. Of course, there's also the strategy and competition that goes into it; the bluffing, bidding, and the thrill of victory. Between us, we've played hundreds of games (if you count videogames, then its probably in the thousands). In short, we like to play boardgames, and share them with our friends and families. We hope to have the chance to share our interest with you.

If you have any questions, or simply want to discuss the latest game, feel free to drop a message at info[at]woodforsheep.ca .


Nate is the typical otaku, minus the thick glasses (though maybe not for long). Next to Nate, Steve is a great catch (though next to anyone, Steve is a great catch). Besides boardgames, he's into anime, videogames, toys, figurines, CCGs, comic books, and the list goes on and on. To further his nerdiness, Nate has worked in the IT/software field in various capacities over the course of his working life. As Nate is typing this, he can't help but wonder why he's referring to himself in the third person.


(as written by Nate)

As a former eligible bachelor, I loved writing poetry and taking long walks down the streets of downtown Toronto (wait, I still love doing those things). In my spare time, I stay in tip-top shape through various sports and healthy activities; that's probably me right now jogging through your neighbourhood. But, on a rainy day, its just as enjoyable to curl up with a good read on my iPad. My uncle says I'm easy - though I'm not sure what he means by that. I'm looking for good people to play boardgames with; to have a good laugh, to challenge my wits, to learn new games and game strategies... in short, to have a fun time with.

"For me, if there is that common interest and there is physical attraction, I think that’s good enough. I’m no mac daddy." -- Steve on relationships

And another one bites the dust... that is all.


(also written by Nate; accounts described here may be entirely fictional)

Having known these two guys since they were at one point as tall as me, I'd occasionally check in on how their little, fun venture was going.

On one such conversation (probably at a backyard barbecue), I started with the typical - "What's up with WoodForSheep? How are things going?" Not sure why, perhaps out of courtesy or because I had an early beer (or two), I also added, "If you guys need help, I can pitch in." The regular reply is usually "We're good, we got it covered."

Who knew they'd actually take me up on that casual offer?!?! (What have I done?!?!?!)

Regardless, I'll bring my brand of philosophy to the group ("Box of chocolates?! Pfft, life is a ferrari..."), and where necessary, the requisite muscle.

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