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Orders are shipped via Canada Post Expedited Parcel service.

Orders will be shipped within 48 hours of payment being received.

Standard shipping rates:

  • Ontario ($255 or less): $14.49
  • Manitoba and Quebec ($255 or less): $18.49
  • Rest of Canada ($255 or less): $22.49
  • All Canadian orders (above $255)*: FREE

* discount shipping rate applies to cart value before tax

Orders can also be picked up at the Game Centre. Please check the link to view the Centre's hours of operation. For events that WoodForSheep will be attending, orders can also be arranged to pick-up at the event (order must be placed before 1AM on the day of the event). Please be sure to select PICKUP under shipping options.

Free delivery option is available for addresses in the city of Markham, ON and orders of $65 or more (before tax).

We do not ship outside of Canada (updated on Sept 16, 2021).

As an Authorized Internet Retailer of Wizards of the Coast, we may only ship sealed Magic: the Gathering products within Canada.

As an Authorized Internet Retailer of Wizards of the Coast, we cannot sell current sealed Magic: the Gathering products business to business.

While we hope to get you your package in a reasonable amount of time, shipped orders are at the mercy of the efficiency of the postal system. As well, orders may be delayed during the holiday season due to volume. Unfortunately, these are out of our control.


Returns for unopened product may be processed 14 days after the purchase date. We will refund the value of the product (and any associated tax), but NOT the shipping charges. You will have to pay for the return shipping.

If there is a problem with your game (ex. missing or broken piece), please contact the game publishers as most of them have processes and services available to replace the missing or defective piece. We try to ensure that product pages include links to the publishers or check our link section for the popular ones.

Game Request/Inventory

If an item is out of stock or is in print, but you cannot find it in our catalog, email us at info@woodforsheep.ca and we will see if we can place the order for you. Each item requested will require a non-refundable request deposit; the deposit value will be dependent on the item (deposit minimum $10).

We will verify with our suppliers first before requiring the deposit. We will advise once item is in hand, or we receive updated information on the item. Be advised, game publishers may, at their discretion, change the status of their games without prior notice.

Wondering if a product is in stock? As long as the 'add to cart' button is visible, then the item is on hand. That is unless we miscounted inventory, or spontaneously opened the game, since we needed to table one to play (and forgot to remove it from inventory); that does not happen very often.

WoodForSheep maintains to keep pricing stable and competitive (undercutting everyone else will not do any of us any favours). However, we reserve the right to adjust our prices at our discretion.


Information collected will be used for WoodForSheep's and affiliated partner's own use and will not be shared with external parties.

Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. The Flock Membership Card is owned and operated by WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited. Each member is bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Membership is open to all Canadian residents aged 18 and above. Membership is accepted at the sole and absolute discretion of WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited.
  3. Members will be issued with a membership number and membership card. The use of this number/card is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions to the benefit of WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited and all participating vendors. The membership card remains the property of WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited and must be returned upon request. Misuse of membership cards or program benefits may result in termination of membership or withdrawal of benefits without refund.
  4. Membership cards are not redeemable for cash, are not transferable and may only be used by each member to whom the card is issued to. WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited reserves the right to modify the structure, benefits and other features, of the Flock Membership Card including these terms and conditions or to terminate the Flock Membership Card program at any time. Although WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited will use reasonable efforts to notify members of material changes, it is the responsibility of members to keep themselves up to date in respect of all the terms and conditions of the Flock Membership Card. Any use of the program by a member will be deemed as acceptance of any amendment. WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited will not be liable for loss or damage resulting there from.
  5. Only individuals can apply for Flock Membership Card. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate. Each member may only hold one Flock Membership Card and Membership cards may not be held jointly.
  6. Successful applicants of the Flock Membership Card will receive a membership card valid for at least 1 year from date of issue. If the Flock Membership Card is lost or damaged, a new card may be issued at a cost of $5.00(CAD) each replacement. WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited is not responsible for stolen or lost membership cards.
  7. Each successful applicant will receive a notification e-mail within 5 days of application and shall receive the Flock Membership Card within 30 working days. If the successful applicant does not receive notification or the card within 30 working days, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited to seek assistance.
  8. Membership fees for applicants shall be $23.49(CAD) valid for one year.
  9. It is the responsibility of the member to check their eligibility for any particular benefit offered. Terms for individual benefits can be found online at https://www.woodforsheep.ca/pages/policy.
  10. WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited shall not be liable for any errors or omissions within these terms and conditions. WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited reserves the right to final interpretation of these terms and conditions.
  11. In case of a dispute, the decision of WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited shall be final and binding.
  12. WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited is not responsible for errors resulting from computer hardware or software errors or failures or for fraud.
  13. WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited will implement reasonable measures to ensure compliance with its obligations under Privacy laws in relation to personal information of members. Personal information will only be used for the purpose of the Flock Membership Card Program and by WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited for marketing and promotion.
  14. In consideration for WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited making the Flock Membership Card program available to members, members acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances shall WoodForSheep Hobbies Limited be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from, or arise out of the purchase, sale or use of any products or services purchased or sold.
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