Reflections of 2011

by Nate T on February 15, 2012

While Nate gets back on schedule on our other series of articles (this one in particular), may as well start a new one and take a look back at the year 2011, the first full year WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. was up and running. Let's reflect the year that was, share some observations, and put forth some resolutions that will make the WoodForSheep experience in 2012 better.

For today, let's play complete the sentence with the WoodForSheep boys.

[WoodForSheep]: Ok, first one... In 2011, I learned to play [blank], and found it to be a great game!

[Steve]: Spot It! I remember seeing this for the first time at one of our public Game On! sessions; someone had brought it with them. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time. I then became acquainted with the rules and gameplay when we started our involvment with the library program. I thought it would be an excellent gift for my cousin and bought her a copy and taught my family how to play as well. They in turn taught it to their friends. It turned out that everyone LOVES it!

[Nate]: King of Tokyo. A bit underwhelming when preview pictures were first available. Cardboard cut-outs and an itty-bitty board... that's it?!?!?! While other big monster games were being released around the same time, a few with slick looking models, KoT seemed destined to be lost to obscurity. Certainly underestimated that this was designed by the man who made Magic: The Gathering. After one play, we were hooked. Rarely is there a turn that nothing happens - everyone is simply watching how the dice falls, whether its your turn or another person's, since those could still affect your monster. The rules are simplistic, but the path to victory could take many twists and turns. Its been a blast sharing this with everyone else ever since.

[WoodForSheep]: In 2011, we certainly sold a lot of [blank].

[Steve]: Angry Birds Knock on Wood. I can understand the popularity of the digital game, readily available on Apple and Android devices. I didn't think it would translate that well as an actual boardgame. Then, the game was mentioned as one of the "hottest toys" of the holiday season and that caused a lot of buzz and parents were scouring EVERYWHERE to find a copy. We'd try our best to keep it in stock but they just kept going in a matter of days.

[Nate]: Qwirkle. Was going to mention Angry Birds or Spot It, but Steve got to them first (d'oh). The game is abstract with no ties to a particular genre or theme, broadening its appeal and potential audience. Its also not very dependent on prior knowledge (like a dictionary-encompassing vocabulary, like the one Steve has) since its keys are shapes and colours, so the appeal also crosses most age demographics. The fact that this game also won a prestigious board game award in 2011 is just icing.

[WoodForSheep]: In 2012, a game that more people should give a try is [blank].

[Nate]: Hanabi. While the game 7 wonders is quite popular, that game's designer also created Hanabi. This is a straight forward, cooperative game where all the players, as a team, try to complete sets of cards; five colours, numbered 1 to 5. The caveat is everyone plays with their hands face out, meaning no one knows what cards they are holding. We've had games that were hilarious, and games that were agonizing... but always fun. It also comes with rules for another game, Ikebana, but we barely get around to that since Hanabi itself is a fun challenge.

[Steve]: Dixit. It is a simplistic yet fun game to play. It's great for all ages and there really isn't any language barriers since they are picture cards. Every time we've taught this game to new players, they absolutely love it! The game not only fosters creativity but also critical thinking and analysis. It's one of the few games that gamers enjoy since it is easy to pick up and play in a short period of time.


  • There may be noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made sure nice points in options also.

    Posted by Coralc Santorellab on May 11, 2012

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