Painting Challenge - Arcule, Paladin of Vengeance

by Nate T on November 28, 2017

Since WoodForSheep began hosting weekly sessions of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer's League (DDAL) back in November of 2016, Herman B. (the player) has been developing and crafting his character known as Arcule, Paladin of Vengeance. Through many hours (real time) and weeks (game time) of adventures, he is now a bonafide hero of Faerun (Arcule, that is). He has saved those in distress, defended the helpless, and survived to tell the tale (still Arcule). However, as you can see from the pictures, Arcule has been a little gray. Ok, a lot gray, well, since the beginning.

It's time to add some colour to those gray cheeks!

For the inaugural WoodForSheep Painting Challenge, find and paint a vanilla figure to the ideal representation of Arcule, Paladin of Vengance!

*FYI... Pictured miniature is a pawn from the game Dungeon Run.

Contest details:

  • Entrance fee: $10 (includes one in-stock Bones Reaper miniature, valued at $3.49 or less)
  • Contest is open now.
  • Figure must be submitted to WoodForSheep by December 28, 2017 to qualify for judging and prize.
  • Final deliberation will include online poll via Facebook, a crackpot panel of 'judges' from WoodForSheep, and Herman B. himself!
  • Winner will be announced on January 4, 2018!
  • Prize: Bragging rights!... and a $20 WoodForSheep gift card.
  • Be advised, winning figure may not be returned to the entrant, as it may start being used to actually represent Arcule in future DDAL sessions.

The Basics

Male. Half-elf. 24 years old. 5'2. 176 lbs. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Copperish skin.

Who is Arcule, Paladin of Vengeance?

I am the hybrid offspring of a human nobleman (name unknown) and an elven courtier (Mella). At conception, Mella was married to Beiro, with 1 year old son Syllin.

At first, I was growing like any elven lad, so no one was wiser to the affair (not even 'father'). My mother told me on my eighth birthyear, which I solemnly accepted. But by my twelfth birthyear, rumours and suspicions abound.

On Syllin's eighteenth birthyear (my seventeenth), playing a technical elven game in the woods, I (by this point an all but outright accused half-human) beat my family (immediate and greater) at the elven game (humiliatingly). Calling me "Vile One" I was immediately chased out of the territory; shunned by my family.

I had only the items on my person, out in the world, fending for myself. I lived with nature, too afraid to return, and no way of finding my paternal family.

Within a month, Trithereon (war god of liberty and retribution) approached me and warned me of an elven search party looking for me - intent on killing me. Forewarned, I was ready for them, and killed all four of them (Syllin and 3 cousins). I took a trophy from each hand, as a reminder - a rope necklace from which dangles four mummified elf fingers (Syllin's and 3 cousins').

Trithereon had also told me of a small sect where I would be able to find knowledge and power. I set out towards them to begin my new life, hoping to never see my family again, and serve Trithereon's cause.

5 years into my service, the organized Cult of the Dragon came sweeping through, intent on destroying all in their path. I lost many friends that day. Though Trithereon warned us of the impending attack, many thought us able to hold off the assault. I headed out to try and scout - though the cult came from another way, and I realized too late.

On that day, I decided I've hidden long enough, it was time to take on the injustices of the world straight on, and find Trithereon; maybe even find my family.

Chronicles as an Adventurer

  • Began adventuring in the town of Phandalin, following in the footsteps of loremaster, Volothamp Geddarm
  • Unfortunately died in an escapade there, but was revived by the kindness of the Emerald Enclave. Have since been able to stave off death - but not being unconscious
  • Defended many towns, villages and cities from warlords, sociopaths and other ne'er-do-wells, even of the giant variety
  • Joined other adventurers in the crusade to retrieve the Relics of Khundrukar, and rescue the priestess when we returned to White Plume Mountain
  • Through many adventures since, acquired several useful magical items: Ring of Mind Shielding (which I ended up pawning off to Fai Chen), Ioun Stone of Protection (which spins around my head; occasionally making me dizzy), and my new best friend Skeggox (a battle axe; replacing my signature flail)


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