November 4, 2016

by Nate T on November 04, 2016

If you haven't been following us on social media, or haven't visited the site recently, you may have missed the small bit about the opening of the WoodForSheep Game Centre. You're welcome to drop by and say "Hello", or stay longer and take in a game or two (or three) from our growing library (currently at 300+ titles and counting). Can't stick around, why not rent* a game or two (or three) to bring home?

* Flock membership required. Read further below.

Come & Learn

Not sure if the game is for you? Daunted by pages and pages of rules? Let WoodForSheep shepherd you through the gaming experience with our Come & Learn game series. A Game Shepherd will guide you through the game play and be available to answer questions and clarify rules. Be advised, some of these games do take a while to complete.

We've already gone through a few sessions (finished Blood Rage, and most of Game of Thrones), and have more scheduled (so far, Mice & Mystics, Caverna, Robinson Crusoe). Check our events section as we keep adding to it regularly.

Math Trade

We are hosting a No-Ship Math Trade on November 20, 2016 at the Game Centre. More details here.

... What's a Math Trade?

Math Trades provide gamers with a way to trade away unwanted games for other players' unwanted games. All participants submit their list of games available for trade, and which titles they're willing to received in return (for each submitted game).

Join the Flock

Get discounts on game purchases. Preferred sitting fee rate at the Game Centre. Be able to rent games. And more... Details here.

Open to all Canadian residents aged 18 and above. Valid for one year.

July 20, 2016

by Nate T on July 20, 2016

Keep It Together

Stop if you've heard this one before. Games have been packed in the suitcase or duffel bag (or any other preferred transport method). Upon arriving at the gaming destination, you're excited to get that anticipated game on the table... only to find that a number of game pieces are now strewn all over the bottom of your bag. Rather than spending time getting the game set-up and going, you're left emptying the bag, and re-packing all the pieces back in the box (or for those like me, counting to make sure all the pieces are there first).

Keep those box tops snug tight with WoodForSheep Straps. Or at least have all those dice (or tokens) secured in a WoodForSheep Dice Bag; it can even fit a standard size smart phone or sleeved, regulation Magic deck (yes, we've tried). WoodForSheep has also started carrying a few Game Organizers from our friends over at Custom Game Bits, for added token security.

Art Social

The party starts after the gallery closes. A new way to experience exhibitions - galleries and studios filled with music, board games, interactive art experiences and mingling. If you're 19+, come out and join the party! Tickets are $10.More details here.

Summer Days

If you've managed to read this far down, here's a discount code! Use SUMMERDAYS2016 to get 10% off in-stock tabletop games. Code is good until Sunday, July 24, 2016.

April 12, 2016

by Nate T on April 07, 2016

Look, pretty. :)

Now that we have a better coat of paint on this, we hope to do a better go this time around of keeping people in the loop of what's up with WoodForSheep. As always, you can also track our events (be they one-offs, weekly, monthly) over on our events page.

Cornerstone Tabletop Day

Meet the community. Play games. Help families.

Join us on Saturday, April 30, 2016 for Cornerstone TableTop Day! This family-friendly celebration event features some of the best in tabletop gaming! More details here

Gaming at Woodside Squre

All gamers are invited to stop by Woodside Square on Saturday, April 16, 2016, and enjoy the excitement of a new or favourite board game at our entertaining launch party.Swing by to play games. All ages are welcome! More details here

We'll also be hosting Game Nights at Woodside every Wednesday night from April 20 to May 11. More details here

Reflections of 2015

While we are still in the year 2016 (as opposed to 2017), WoodForSheep looks back on the recently passed 2015. Our usual disclaimer: the opinions shared by Steve may be slightly exaggerated more than intended (but just slightly). More details here

And if you manage to read this far down, here's a discount code! Use REFL2015 to get 10% off in-stock games WoodForSheep has recommended or suggested (not just from 2015, but even prior). Code is good until Sunday, April 17, 2016.

Anime North 2016

WoodForSheep is headed back to Anime North, from May 27 to May 29, 2016. This year, on top of our great demo library that we bring for participants to try, we are also running "Play to Win" demo sessions, raffling off a few more games, and we'll be hosting a Catan tournament at the convention! More details here

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